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Episode #67 The Keys to Courting Ultra High Net Worth Wealth Management Clients with David Kirshenbaum

What would your business (and life) look like if you started working with ultra-wealthy clients ranging from $40 to $100 million? 

Working with ultra-wealthy clients can be more complex than “merely” high-net-worth clients. These individuals have distinct needs, expectations, and concerns that require a specialized approach from financial advisors, planners, and wealth managers. 

In this episode of Top Advisor Podcast, featured guest David Kirschenbaum, a Tiger 21 Chair, sheds light on the unique perspectives and requirements of wealthy entrepreneurs.

Tiger 21 is an organization whose members have an average net worth of $117 million

Bill Cates and David Kirschenbaum discuss the fact that these wealthy entrepreneurs are not  solely focused on accumulating wealth but also on preserving their assets. 

This focus necessitates a holistic approach to ultra-high net worth wealth management that includes comprehensive financial planning, tax optimization, risk management, estate planning, and philanthropic strategies. Advisors and wealth managers need to go beyond traditional investment strategies and consider the long-term preservation of substantial wealth.

In this engaging conversation, you’ll gain insights into:

  • The unique challenges and opportunities faced by wealthy individuals, and the importance of having the right trusted advisors in their corner.
  • How advisors need to demonstrate the ability to collaborate and coordinate with a range of  professionals to provide a cohesive, integrated approach to ultra-high net worth wealth management.
  • The fee-sensitive nature of these wealthy individuals (seeking great transparency and value-based services).
  • What a representative of an RIA said to this group about how to select the right financial advisor.
  • How too many advisors still ignore the spouse and other family members, causing them to lose clients.
  • David Kirshenbaum’s varied and successful business career, including how he has created huge business deals using his vast “relationship capital.”
  • …And more!



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About David Kirshenbaum:

David has had a successful career working for a number of entrepreneurial, fast-growing, and diverse businesses across law, real estate, venture capital, private equity, family offices, and operating businesses in senior operations/leadership positions as well as business development and transaction management. Based on these experiences and the growth of a significant network of contacts, long-term relationships, and strategic partners, David decided to launch MeadeCo LLC in 2018.

David started his career as a transactional real estate attorney at what is now one of the largest law firms in the world. Following the completion of his MBA, David transitioned to leadership positions in finance, investment management, real estate development, real estate investment and asset management, and private equity.

With a strong desire to combine the skill sets that defined him in earlier stages of his career, David was named CEO of a venture capital start-up that was focused on selling products into the world of real estate. While a short-lived experience, David gained valuable insights into the challenges and economics of earlier-stage companies in need of capital.

Following his CEO role, David acted as a special situations investment banker working with a variety of companies on matters ranging from restructuring to debt placement for “storied credits” and company sales. Employing entrepreneurial instincts and practical operational knowledge, David was able to complete a series of transactions to assist clients with a variety of needs.

While David was pursuing a successful career across a range of industries, he aggressively pursued investments across a broad spectrum of economic activity that broadened his knowledge base and allowed him to leverage hard-fought lessons across three-plus decades of entrepreneurial activity in a variety of endeavors. David’s investment portfolio, together with his role as advisor/mentor and board member to early-stage CEOs has given him a unique perspective on the financial and operational needs of companies that require debt financing or advisory assistance.

Episode #66 Strategies for Attracting, Converting, and Accelerating Client Relationships with Tony Maree Torrey

Tired of blending into the crowd? Discover the strategies that will help you forge solid client relationships and become a standout financial advisor.

In this episode, Referral Coach Bill Cates interviews Tony Maree Torrey, author of Your Million Dollar Accelerator: Six Proven Strategies to Grow a 7-Figure Financial Practice, and Business Coach for Financial Professionals, to explore strategies to help financial advisors grow their practices. Tony shares her six core strategies for attracting, converting, and accelerating client relationships.

Bill and Tony emphasize the importance of clarity in targeting the right market, establishing expert authority, and leveraging networks. 

Bill and Tony discuss: 

  • The aspiration of financial professionals to achieve a seven-figure practice.
  • The 6 core strategies to help financial professionals build client relationships that are covered in Tony’s book.
  • The challenge of standing out in a crowded marketplace, and the need for financial professionals to be seen as thought leaders and trusted experts.
  • The value of producing a book so as to establish authority and expert status.
  • Examples of clients who benefited from implementing Tony’s strategies.
  • The benefits that come from focusing on a niche market.
  • …And more!



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About Tony Maree Torrey:

For 20 years, Tony Maree Torrey has been hired by Financial Professionals, Founding CEOs, celebrities, athletes, and other top performers who want to make a difference for themselves, their businesses, and the future. 

With the power of traditional coaching and psychology, evidence-based, advanced modalities, and smart business strategies clients learn to win from within, activate their highest impact, and expand personal fulfillment.

  • Clients have generated multiple 7-figures
  • Fast-tracked or turned-around businesses
  • Built real estate empires from scratch
  • Written best-selling books
  • Landed TV and movie roles
  • Launched professional speaking careers…

Australian-born, she arrived in the US in 1989 with nothing but a backpack. Tony Maree climbed the corporate ladder to lead global teams and a $25 M product portfolio. A chronic overachiever, she was simultaneously investing in real estate, building an executive coaching practice, and juggling a busy family life.


Episode #65 Beyond Financial Planning: Integrating Life Coaching into Your Practice with Abbey Henderson, CFP®️ RLP®️ CPCC®️ CAP®️ AEP®️

It is my sincere hope that you are not attempting to do financial planning without gaining the full context of your clients. 

Our guest on this next episode of Top Advisor Podcast, Abbey Henderson, has coined the phrase, “Authentic Wealth.”

In a nutshell, Authentic Wealth is bigger than just financial accumulation and management. It recognizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of life.  It is created when your five key resources (Finances, Mindset, Relationships, Health, and Time) are aligned with your values and your vision. These resources are used to achieve the impact you want to have on yourself, your family, your community and the world.

Everyone – advisors and their clients – should consider embracing and using this concept of Authentic Wealth.

In this episode, Referral Coach Bill Cates interviews Abbey Henderson, CFP®, CEO, Wealth Advisor & Coach, Abaris Financial Group. Abbey explains her holistic approach to financial planning that integrates life coaching. 

Discover the success behind Abbey’s “Five Lever Friday” newsletter, offering weekly insights into improving various aspects of life. They also explore the role of podcasting in building authentic connections with Abbey’s audience, serving as a powerful referral tool.

Bill and Abbey discuss: 

  • Abbey’s model of Authentic Wealth
  • How Abbey’s holistic approach has made her more referable and helped her accelerate the growth of her business.
  • Her decision to become a Certified Life Planner and Certified Life Coach and how it has added results-producing depth to her financial planning.
  • Common limiting beliefs and mistaken assumptions around money and how she helps clients overcome their ability to sabotage results. 
  • Her decision to start a podcast, the initial hesitations, and the role of ProudMouth in helping her launch the podcast.
  • How podcasting serves as a tool to create more referrals, while helping build trust and credibility with clients/prospects – even before the first meeting.
  • …And more!



Connect With Bill Cates:

Connect with Abbey Henderson: 

About Abbey Henderson:Abbey Henderson, CFP®️ RLP®️ CPCC®️ CAP®️ AEP®️ is the CEO, Wealth Advisor & Coach of Abaris Financial Group LLC. She strives to help her clients live their best lives. To figure out what lights them up, how they will feel most fulfilled, and leave a legacy they are proud of. Matching resources to dreams is her specialty. In 2001, she decided it was time to follow her dream of being an entrepreneur and Abaris Financial Group was born. They’ve since grown from Abbey alone in a small office to a six-person staff with over 175 clients.

Episode #64 Storytelling for Financial Advisors: How to Stand Out and Win More Ideal Clients with Jason Jenkins

Your continued success is predicated on your continued relevance and becoming “the advisor of choice.”  Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. However, one of the most effective ways to accomplish this and build lasting client relationships is through storytelling for financial advisors.  Our guest calls this the Founders Story.

As artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet continue to transform the accessibility of financial information, creating a strong human connection has become more important than ever before. 

Our featured guest, Jason Jenkins, delivers two critical strategies for connecting fast with prospects, and winning new, right-fit clients:

  1. The Founders Story
  2. The Question Funnel

Join Bill Cates and Jason Jenkins, Executive Vice President Of Sales at Simplicity Group, as they delve into the indispensable value of human connection and personalized storytelling for financial advisors .

Jason and Bill discuss:

  • How to use your The Founder’s Story as a powerful method to connect with clients.
  • A structured approach to craft your own story, and if you already have one, to make it even more impactful.
  • How to use a Question Funnel to elevate your client/prospect meetings – to bring more value and win new clients. Key skill sets for advisors to differentiate themselves to be successful in the future – both near and long-term.
  • The power of active listening and authenticity as part of storytelling for financial advisors.
  • …And more!



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Connect with Jason Jenkins:


About Jason Jenkins:

Founder of AssetLock and currently Executive Vice President of Sales at Simplicity Group Holdings, Jason has been in the financial industry for over 20 years and brings an independent, client-centered approach to the firm. Jason graduated from Westmont College in 1997 with a B.A. in Business & Economics. He later received his MBA from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2005. 

In 2010, Jason was recognized by San Diego Metropolitan Magazine with the ‘Top 40 Under 40″ distinction, recognizing San Diego’s “Brightest Leaders of Today and Tomorrow”. Jason has also helped start a non-profit, the Human Factor Leadership Academy, that is helping educate underprivileged children in Ghana, Africa.

Episode #63 Wealthy, Healthy & Wise with David Meinz, MS, RDN, FAND, CSP

Good health and sufficient wealth go hand in hand. They are intricately intertwined. 

Most advisors try to ensure their clients don’t outlive their wealth.

A select few advisors work to ensure their clients wealth does not outlive their health. 

As a nutritional expert and the author of the book Wealthy, Healthy, and Wise: How To Make Sure Your Health Lasts As Long As Your Money Does, David Meinz is on a mission to help advisors lead healthier lives so they can impact more people with their important work. 

David also helps advisors bring this powerful knowledge to their clients, to help their clients stay healthy so that they are able to enjoy their wealth. This, in turn, creates deeper client relationships and generates more referrals. 

Bill and David discuss:

  • The biggest health priorities financial professionals face.
  • The significance of maintaining a healthy weight and the role of insulin levels in weight control.
  • How age and body composition, particularly gut fat, can impact health risks.
  • The impact of alcohol consumption on health.
  • The marketing opportunity for financial professionals to position themselves by addressing the whole person, not just financial advice.
  • Strategies for financial professionals and their clients to reduce and deal with stress.
  • …And more!



Connect With Bill Cates:

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About David Meinz:

David Meinz, MS, RDN, FAND, CSP is a highly sought after international Keynote Speaker and Author. Groups worldwide have utilized his innovative strategies for improving both personal and organizational health performance. His expert insights help organizations of all types and sizes improve employee retention, decrease absenteeism, enhance productivity, and produce more profitable results.

He has successfully presented to Financial Services groups, Young President’s Organizations, Health Care groups, and many others for over twenty years.

Audiences love David’s interactive approach, fun style, and action-oriented focus that allow participants to leave with ideas and action steps that they can implement to produce immediate results.


Episode #62 The Fastest Way to Win (and Keep) Ideal Clients with Jay Baer, CSP, CPAE

Speed Kills?  Speed Wins?  It depends!

According to research – speed impacts revenue, speed impacts loyalty, and speed impacts emotions.

Understanding this crucial dynamic, Bill Cates engages in a compelling conversation with Jay Baer, a distinguished business growth and customer experience strategist, researcher, author, keynote speaker, and B2B influencer. 

Jay’s newest book, Time to Win: How to Exceed Your Customers’ Need for Speed, will likely change how you view some aspects of your client service model.

Together, they dive into the critical role of speed and responsiveness in client service for financial advisors. Jay introduces his Time to Win Framework, offering six strategies to improve responsiveness. They also cover proactive communication, managing expectations, and the psychological effects of responsiveness on client trust. 

Jay & Bill Discuss:  

  • How your clients’ expectations around responsive service have changed, and why you better pay attention
  • The quality of information from Artificial Intelligence,  concerns about its impact on financial advisors, and its potential as an efficiency tool.
  • What Jay means by speed, and why it has become such an important element of the client experience
  • How clients equate speed of response with respect, and how that impacts loyalty and referrals.
  • How long clients will be patient waiting to hear back from their advisor.
  • Why advisory firms need to elevate speed on their priority list (because prospects and clients already have).
  • Overview of Jay Baer’s “Six-Piece Time to Win Framework.”
  • How and why you better change your approach to responding to client queries when you don’t have an immediate answer.
  • Jay’s unexpected success as a tequila influencer and educator.
  • …And more!



Connect With Bill Cates:

Connect with Jay Baer:


About Jay Baer:

Jay Baer started his career in politics, as a direct mail specialist for a United States Senator.

After brief forays into government service (as a spokesperson), and environmental services (as a marketer for a garbage company), he stumbled upon the Internet back when domain names were still free.

Seeing and seizing a business growth opportunity, Jay created and sold multiple digital marketing and customer experience companies, including Convince & Convert, one of the world’s most successful digital strategy advisory firms.

In the early 2000s, Jay conducted a tour for the publication of his first book. This adventure ultimately spawned his career as a well-known keynote speaker and event host.

Because Jay was a strategist and advisor long before he was a professional speaker, his presentations are highly customized, and filled with useful frameworks and practical advice. Organizers bring him back time after time because he constantly writes new material, and audiences grow their businesses as a result of his advice.


Episode #43 Are the Riches Really in the Niches? Best Target Markets for Financial Advisors with Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE

“If I target a specific market, what about my current clients? And won’t I be missing out on other opportunities?

These are a few of the common questions that come up in the discussion about niche marketing and the best target markets for financial advisors.

While these are valid concerns, they are easily addressed.  Listen to this 35-minute podcast episode from Bill Cates to get the answers … and a whole lot more.

Whether you’ve never even considered narrowing your focus before, are looking for information on the best target markets for financial advisors or are already successfully implementing niche marketing in your business, there is something in this episode for you.

In this solo episode with Bill Cates, you will discover:

  • The 5 most prevalent, logical and overall best target markets for financial advisors to consider.

  • The 7 biggest benefits to pursuing a clear, well-defined, and lucrative target market.

  • The 5 critical characteristics of a viable target market. 

  • 11 specific examples of what real advisors are doing right now to find riches in the niches.

  • Answers to the 3 most burning questions advisors have around this strategy.

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Ep. #13: Using Philanthropic Leadership to Grow Your Business and Serve Your Community With Jeff Chaddock

It can be personally rewarding to make a contribution to a philanthropic cause to impact your community. But can philanthropic leadership be professionally rewarding as well?

In this episode, Bill Cates speaks with Jeff Chaddock, a private wealth advisor at Envisage Wealth. Jeff has philanthropy in his DNA, which has been extremely helpful for the charities and people in his community, and has been instrumental in making him a go-to advisor for many.

Jeff discusses:

  • How Jeff uses philanthropic leadership to grow his business
  • What the elements of ‘the trifecta of difference’ can mean for your business.
  • How Jeff has created his incredible business––and what kept him going through doubt
  • Why you should create experiences that have a ‘shelf life’


Connect With Bill Cates:

About Our Guest:

Jeff Chaddock: With over 32 years as a Private Wealth Advisor, Jeffrey Chaddock, CRPC® , APMA® is the CEO of Envisage Wealth, with four offices across Ohio. Jeffrey’s firm manages over 2.5 billion in client assets.  Jeff differentiates his practice by providing numerous civic, social, and educational opportunities for his clients and their guests.  Jeffrey is heavily involved in numerous charitable organizations and serves on the board of trustees at The Ohio University Foundation, where he established the Jeffrey D. Chaddock Endowed Scholarship program.