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Episode #62 The Fastest Way to Win (and Keep) Ideal Clients with Jay Baer, CSP, CPAE

Speed Kills?  Speed Wins?  It depends!

According to research – speed impacts revenue, speed impacts loyalty, and speed impacts emotions.

Understanding this crucial dynamic, Bill Cates engages in a compelling conversation with Jay Baer, a distinguished business growth and customer experience strategist, researcher, author, keynote speaker, and B2B influencer. 

Jay’s newest book, Time to Win: How to Exceed Your Customers’ Need for Speed, will likely change how you view some aspects of your client service model.

Together, they dive into the critical role of speed and responsiveness in client service for financial advisors. Jay introduces his Time to Win Framework, offering six strategies to improve responsiveness. They also cover proactive communication, managing expectations, and the psychological effects of responsiveness on client trust. 

Jay & Bill Discuss:  

  • How your clients’ expectations around responsive service have changed, and why you better pay attention
  • The quality of information from Artificial Intelligence,  concerns about its impact on financial advisors, and its potential as an efficiency tool.
  • What Jay means by speed, and why it has become such an important element of the client experience
  • How clients equate speed of response with respect, and how that impacts loyalty and referrals.
  • How long clients will be patient waiting to hear back from their advisor.
  • Why advisory firms need to elevate speed on their priority list (because prospects and clients already have).
  • Overview of Jay Baer’s “Six-Piece Time to Win Framework.”
  • How and why you better change your approach to responding to client queries when you don’t have an immediate answer.
  • Jay’s unexpected success as a tequila influencer and educator.
  • …And more!



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About Jay Baer:

Jay Baer started his career in politics, as a direct mail specialist for a United States Senator.

After brief forays into government service (as a spokesperson), and environmental services (as a marketer for a garbage company), he stumbled upon the Internet back when domain names were still free.

Seeing and seizing a business growth opportunity, Jay created and sold multiple digital marketing and customer experience companies, including Convince & Convert, one of the world’s most successful digital strategy advisory firms.

In the early 2000s, Jay conducted a tour for the publication of his first book. This adventure ultimately spawned his career as a well-known keynote speaker and event host.

Because Jay was a strategist and advisor long before he was a professional speaker, his presentations are highly customized, and filled with useful frameworks and practical advice. Organizers bring him back time after time because he constantly writes new material, and audiences grow their businesses as a result of his advice.


Ep. #9: Attract More Ideal Clients Using Reputation Marketing with Malcolm Ethridge CFP®, CRPC®

The right mix of reputation marketing strategies, such as target marketing, hosting a podcast, and even getting paid to speak at events, all work together to bring more right-fit prospects into your business.

In this episode, Bill Cates is joined by Malcolm Ethridge CFP®, CRPC®, Executive Vice President and Financial Planner at CIC Wealth Management. Malcolm discusses how his reputation marketing efforts have changed his business dramatically over the last six months, including how he has continued to get qualified prospects contacting him because of the reputation he has created in a very specific target market.

Malcolm discusses: 

  • Why he chose to target the technology market––and what specific value he brings to clients
  • How his reputation within the market benefits his business
  • How much easier it is to get referrals by focusing on a narrow target market
  • Two strategies which played a significant role in building his business reputation


Connect With Malcolm:

Connect With Bill Cates:   

About Our Guest:

Malcolm Ethridge is a Certified Financial Planner™, speaker, blogger, and self-proclaimed personal finance nerd. His areas of expertise include retirement planning, investment portfolio development, tax planning, insurance, stock options and other executive benefits. He leverages that expertise to help senior managers and small business owners in tech make sense of some of the most complex financial situations that working professionals tend to face.