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Ep. #1: From Receptionist to Rockstar: Helping a Team Member Become a Financial Advisor with Alanna Morey, CFP®, AMPA

In this episode, Bill Cates is joined by Alanna Morey, CFP®, APMA®, private wealth advisor at Siena Wealth Advisory Group. Alanna shares her inspiring journey that took her from living in her car to becoming a financial advisor generating $1.2 million in revenue this year.

Do you have a promising team member who you’re grooming for more responsibility, in the hopes they will become a financial advisor? Are one or more of your team members a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered?

Alanna discusses: 

  • How she transitioned her life from living in her car to becoming an administrative assistant position to becoming a successful financial advisor in her own right.
  • What encouraged her to take a big leap and become a financial advisor.
  • How her mentor, Joe DeSena, believed in her more than she did in herself.
  • A checklist for creating the right work environment that you can follow to move any and all of your team members forward in their own careers.

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About Our Guest:

Originally from Rochester, NY, Alanna now lives in Naples, FL with her fiance Eric and their Golden Retriever, Wrigley. Alanna’s relationships are very important to her, she loves spending time with her close family and friends. She also loves to cook and try out new recipes in the kitchen. Fitness is a passion of hers’ she enjoys CrossFit, biking and running. Exercise helps her to clear her mind and stay present.