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Ep. #10: Adding a Target Market to An Already Successful Practice with Tiffany Charles

Even advisors who are already successful may consider turning some of their focus to a specific target market. They often wonder if they should create a new company name and/or a new website to reflect that specific niche.

There is no right or wrong answer here. 

In this episode, Bill Cates speaks with Tiffany Charles, Chief Growth Officer of two financial firms; Destiny Capital and Entrepreneur Aligned. This interview focuses on the process that Tiffany and her partners went through to establish an entirely new target market and brand for their business without losing the traditional part of their practice.  

Tiffany discusses:

  • Why she decided to focus on serving certain types of entrepreneurs.
  • The fears, risks and opportunities of the new business approach.
  • The decision to create an entirely new website so as to convey the right messaging that would attract their Right-Fit Clients™ within that specific target market.


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About Our Guest: 

Tiffany Charles is the Chief Growth Officer of two financial firms; Destiny Capital and  Entrepreneur Aligned. Her role is all about growing and expanding opportunities to deliver an unparalleled experience for her clients and team. Her passion is to empower entrepreneurs to live their highest vision and have the opportunity to positively change the world!